People Brought Their Cosplay A-Game for 'Suicide Squad's' Opening Weekend

So. Many. Harley. Quinns.

Suicide Squad opened to massive success this weekend. According to The Hollywood Reporter (opens in new tab), the movie earned a whopping $135.1 million in North America, breaking the record for the biggest opening for an August release. Suicide Squad pulled in another $132 million overseas for a grand total of $267.1 million for its opening weekend.

Clearly, a lot of people were very excited to see the super villain blockbuster. Many fans were so pumped for the release of the film, in fact, that they donned costumes for screenings all around the world. Instagram is brimming with amazing Suicide Squad cosplays, and here are some of our favorites.

Lots of people went for group costumes, checking off as many members of the Squad as possible.

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The coordination alone is impressive.

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There was professional quality makeup and costuming going on.

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And some groups even brought in classic DC characters like The Riddler and Catwoman.

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Katana was a pretty popular cosplay.

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But by far the most popular was Harley Quinn, portrayed by Margot Robbie in the film.

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Seriously. There were So. Many. Harley. Quinns.

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With a dedicated fanbase like this, it's no wonder Suicide Squad smashed records.

Kayleigh Roberts
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