North West Made BANK on Her Lemonade Stand This Weekend

She has her mother's entrepreneurial spirit.

Most kids start a lemonade stand at least once in their childhood—but none quite like North West's.

The three-year-old proved she's got that Kardashian businesswoman blood running through her veins when she set up shop with some neighborhood friends on Friday.

As you'll see from the upside-down sign here, this isn't ordinary lemonade, it's special *organic* lemonade. (Her Aunt Kourtney would be proud.)

As anyone who's ever been to Whole Foods knows, organic = expensive. Nori's lemonade must be made of liquid gold though, because she pulled in a whopping $100 for a single cup of the sweet citrus elixir.

Okay, so the high-rolling customer was her mom—but still, this lemonade-peddling toddler clearly has Kim's entrepreneurial spirit. Just wait until she's 18 and it's cosmetics (or an app, or her own merch line, or a reality show) she's selling instead of lemonade. 💰💰💰

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Sarah Lindig
Sarah Lindig

Sarah Lindig is the senior digital editor, overseeing special projects for Harper's Bazaar.