See Priyanka Chopra Give a Real-Life Lesson in Kicking Ass

In couture and stilettos, nonetheless.

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Photo by Tesh

Not many of us consider ourselves light on our feet in sky-high heels, but when you're Quantico's badass star Priyanka Chopra, it would seem that literally anything is possible.

Below, the actress and our April cover star gives senior fashion editor Zanna Roberts Rassi a master class in the art of doing your own stunts—from delivering someone a knock-out punch to the gut to landing body flips with ease. The best part of it all is how easy she makes it look, poised in a couture dress...even when she's delivering round-house kicks (wait 'til the last few seconds to see her in slo-mo action).

Here, a celebritorial:

See a sneak peek of Chopra's April cover here, and be sure to pick up her issue on newsstands March 21.

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