Elizabeth Hurley Looks Like She Could Be Twins With Her Own Child

Damian is a model as well.

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Actress and model Elizabeth Hurley, 54, posted a photo to her Instagram stories over Christmas of herself and her son Damian, 17—and the two look like they could be twins. "Christmas walkies," Hurley captioned her photo, along with a shout-out to Damian's Instagram handle. (Hurley also posted a sexy topless pic to her Instagram feed on Christmas Eve, writing, "House decorated, guests have arrived, cupboards bulging with food," so it...seems like she's had a busy holiday season?)

Damian posted the mother-son pic to his Instagram, too, with the caption "happy christmas !! 🎄❤️"

damian hurley

Damian's father is American businessman Steve Bing. Damian was in the news this past summer when he won a legal battle to be recognized in his paternal grandfather's will—he was initially excluded because Steve and Elizabeth were unmarried when he was born—per People. He stands to inherit millions.

damian hurley

Like his mom, Damian is also a model, and he made his acting debut back in 2016 when he appeared on The Royals alongside his mother. This isn't the first time he's appeared on his mom's Instagram feed, either. In April, she wished him a happy 17th birthday with a sweet post.

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Elizabeth reportedly makes Damian study hard in school, despite the fact that he's already moving into show business. "I always say, you don’t want to be a bore at dinner. You have to know geography, you need to know history, you need to know ancient history, it’s interesting," she told People. "And then of course, if he wants to be—and if he were talented enough and lucky enough to be a movie star, how nice that would be. But to me that’s the icing on the cake after you [become] a fully-rounded person."

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