North West's Pet Lizard Has Its Own Custom Set of SKIMS Loungewear

Doesn't everyone's?

Today in Kardashian news: Kim and Kanye's daughter North West has adopted a pet bearded dragon called Speed and—of course—Speed has her own set of custom SKIMS.

Kim shared a post on her Instagram showing North holding her new pet. And if you were wondering if Speed was wearing jewels and a tailor-made outfit, you would be correct Not only does Speed have at least three sets of SKIMS to call her own—scroll through to the fifth photo to see Speed's custom collection—but Speed also boasts a forehead jewel, which Kim joked was Lil Uzi Vert-inspired.

Alongside the picture, Kim wrote:

"Meet the newest member of our family...Speed. I really wasn’t planning on liking Speed the way I do but she grew on me! Speed was really my BFF Allison’s and we babysat for a week and she never left and it’s been months! Speed got a makeover with custom Skims Cozy and even the Lil Uzi jewel (Speed actually got the jewel a few months back; North always knows what’s up!). North and her bearded dragon go everywhere together it’s kinda cute!"

Kim is referring to her best friend Allison Statter, the typically fiercely private founder of Blended Strategy Group, who we profiled here.

Sadly, as far as we know, SKIMS will not be bringing out a lizard-specific range. Not yet, anyway.


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Daniella Scott