Lighten Up, Kristen Bell. Or Betty White Will Mess You Up.

Watch as the actress is cornered by her co-stars in this interview from the set of "You Again."

You Again Cast Fight from Betty White

From the folks at Funny or Die, a new promotional interview aired today for the upcoming comedy You Again. The video begins with a candid Kristen Bell shooting off about "deep-seated pain" and "motivation." Lovely. What ensues, however, is a pretty awesome catfight between its leading ladies: Sigourney Weaver, Odette Yustman, and our nation's greatest national treasure, Betty White.

And if there's one nugget of truth to be gained from this spoof (and if you haven't gotten the memo already), it is this: Do not cross Betty White. In her own words, she "will take you down." We know nothing about the actual film, but watching Sigourney spit out film titles and go into Rain Man mode is cause enough to investigate. You Again comes to theaters Sept. 24.

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