Kristen Wiig, Ellen DeGeneres Completely Destroy 'Let It Go'

Rehearsals never bothered them anyway.

Some people, upon learning their weekend plans involve karaoke, will agonize over a song, Google "how to sing from diaphragm," hire a vocal coach, and Amazon Prime a crate of Throat Coat. Others will gamely wing it, miss nearly every cue but ultimately put on a charming performance.

Kristen Wiig and Ellen DeGeneres clearly belong to the second group, judging by their pitchy yet somehow spot-on cover of Frozen's "Let It Go." (It might have been the synchronized arm movements. Or the "kids don't know what fractals are" comment.)

In any case, anyone who climbs atop a table in a minidress and pumps for the sake of the joke scores high marks in our book. Adele Dazeem couldn't have done any better herself.

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