Beyonce Just Gave Justin Bieber a Very Backhanded Compliment

They gave a shout-out to his mugshot photo during a recent concert.

The video packages on show during Beyoncé and Jay Z's epic "On The Run" concert tour aren't just comprised of cutesy home videos and wedding footage, no, no. There's also a scandalous compilation of celebrity mug shots, which includes Jay Z's own booking photo, as well of those of folks including Bill Gates, Tupac, Robert Downey Jr., and look, Justin Bieber, following the latter's arrest for DUI and drag racing back in January:

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Sadly, they did not feature the drag queen version of Bieber's mug shot; there were no LiLo photos in the mix either, which is always a shame. As the above tweet notes, Beyoncé sagely opined that "even the greatest fall" as the video played. Except not her, obviously, because she's surpassed greatness at this point. Anyway, this is a bit of a shady shout-out as much as you might say, "No, no, no, no, no shade," but it doesn't seem like Bieber is offended, so that's good — he even gamely retweeted a fan's mention of the moment. Of course, if the Biebs' next tour includes some of those infamous photos of Queen B during her 2013 Super Bowl performance, then we'll know his feelings really were hurt after all.


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