Whoa! Zac Efron Reportedly Did a Secret Rehab Stint for Cocaine Addiction

Last night we were saddened to learn that one of our favorite on-screen hunks, Zac Efron, has allegedly been battling a cocaine addiction in recent months. Word spread yesterday that the actor quietly entered rehab earlier this year for issues with alcohol, and although Efron is clean and sober now, that might not have been the whole story.

has rounded up multiple sources who claim that Efron was in treatment for a cocaine addiction, as well as use of Molly, a powder form of Ecstasy—the same one Miley Cyrus name-drops in her hit song, "We Can't Stop." Those close to Efron started noticing warning signs when the actor wouldn't show up on set during the filming of his upcoming film, "Neighbors."

We applaud Efron for seeking professional help, and hope that his story will be an inspiration to other young people struggling with addiction.

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