Helen Mirren *Is* Actually That Beautiful, Watchdog Group Confirms

Suck it, people who complained she was airbrushed.

In a TV commercial for L'Oréal Paris that ran earlier this year, Dame Helen Mirren strolls along the Thames and checks out a guy wearing running tights because this new soya-peptide face cream she's been using makes her look and feel so much younger.

After watching this ad, some people apparently thought that, because she is a 69-year-old woman, she should really have many more lines around her mouth for this to count as honest advertising. Complainers complained, evidence (photos of her on the red carpet) was presented, and the UK's Advertising Standards Authority made a ruling.

"We (therefore) considered that the ads had not altered Ms. Mirren's appearance in a way that would exaggerate the likely effect that could be achieved by consumers' use of the product, and concluded that the ads were not misleading," the ASA said.

In other words, Dame Helen is really that hot—no digital enhancement needed.

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