Harper Beckham Meets Prince Harry, Doesn't Care at All

More like Prince Harry got to meet Harper Beckham.

Harper Beckham Yawning
(Image credit: Getty)

At 4 years old, Harper Beckham has already achieved the scowl-y ennui most fashion youths only dream about. She also has the unique distinction of being the whole person on planet Earth to have both fat-shamed David Beckham and snubbed a royal.

In a video that surfaced onHello!, the disinterested munchkin looked on as Romeo and Cruz dutifully lined up to shake Prince Harry's hand at a charity match this weekend. The eldest (present) Beckham goes, then his brother, then little Harper…gives ol' Hal the fake-out, jiggling her arm around before he finally catches it and gives it a pump.

Finally, she yawns, not caring a bit that she has just spurned a member of the British monarchy. Atta girl. Watch the video below.


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