Prince Harry Breaks Protocol to Pet a Dog, Because Some Things Are Just Worth Getting in Trouble For

Puppies > personal safety.

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Sending his security detail into a tizzy ("The sparrow has flown! The sparrow has flown!"), Prince Harry disregarded his personal safety to accomplish one very important task: pet Matisse, the acrobatic dog that had just won Britain's Got Talent.

In an interview with the Sun (opens in new tab), Matisse's owner and trainer Jules O'Dwyer said that after the bromantic beardy ginger (opens in new tab) evaded his bodyguards, he and the Border collie formed a real connection.

"Prince Harry was very sweet and lovely. He said he doesn't have a dog himself but he loved Matisse. It's great that Matisse has got the royal seal of approval," O'Dwyer said. "Matisse can feel when he's met someone who is appreciative of dogs. It was clear he was comfortable and relaxed with Harry so it was a lovely moment."

You thinking what I'm thinking? Prince George + a puppy under the tree = brilliant.

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