Jessica Alba to Design Denim Collection for DL1961

Jessica Alba is designing a denim collection for Fall 2016—get the details here.

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Jessica Alba's entering the fashion industry one pair of bootcut jeans at a time. After dominating diapers and wiping the floor with beauty, the Honest Company entrepreneur has entered the wonderful world of denim.

Jessica is collaborating with DL1961 to design 8-10 pieces for the brand's Fall 2016 collection. The jeans will flatter a range of body types and celebrate curves, which means you can up your muffin consumption sans stress. 

"I remember having to lay down to button up those tiny Daisy Duke shorts because I had a big booty," Jessica says. "Lately I've been getting back into bell-bottoms, but high-waisted and not too flared. The jeans that I'm designing are going to celebrate women's bodies and show off those curves."

Speaking of curves, DL1961 uses fabric that "stretches to your body and shape but doesn't get baggier throughout the day," which *hopefully* means you can get away without washing your jeans quite as often and they won't wear down as quickly.

Jessica's collection is available in August, so please prepare your denim budget accordingly.

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