Kristen Wiig Does Interview as Peyton Manning, Rewrites His Life Story to Include More Fries


Kristen Wiig as Peyton Manning
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Imagine a world in which you could call Kristen Wiig to be your plus-one whenever one of your more flaky friends canceled. Wouldn't you just ask her to go with you to everything then? 💡Jimmy Fallon would.

Probably because a guest was like "Nah, Susah Miller said I couldn't go outside Thursday," the Zoolander 2 actress brought back one of her most delightful bits, in which she impersonates Khaleesi or Harry Styles without really doing any research on their lives. Did you know Peyton Manning eats fries and toast before every game? And that his favorite yoga pose is upward dog? Who knew? Get to know the Super Bowl champ all over again below.

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