John Legend Went Shopping with Kim and Kanye, Footed the Bill

You know, because #debt.

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In case you forgot, Kanye West has a lot of debt, according to Kanye West. How much debt? He claims somewhere in the range of $53 million. Given that fact, it makes sense that buddy John Legend made sure to foot the bill on his recent shopping trip for the baby-to-be—even if Kim and Kanye were the ones who took him out.

"[Kim] just showed Chrissy everything a mom would need at this time," Legend said on Jimmy Kimmel Live

"Now, you say 'took you shopping,' who paid for it? Because Kanye owes a lot of money," Kimmel responded.

"I paid for it," Legend said, laughing. "I was like, 'Let me get this.'"

The 37-year-old performer also discussed how he'll be donating plenty of the free baby stuff they've gotten to charity, because Chrissy and John are just the absolute best. Watch the video below: 

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