True Story: Lupita Nyong'o Was Stood Up for Prom

"WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?" —us, to her date

Lupita Nyong'o
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As any human with a heart knows, being stood up sucks. And being stood up on prom? Possibly the worst. So it makes us 😢/infuriates us to learn that Lupita Nyong'o, OF ALL PERFECT PEOPLE, was stood up by her own prom date.

"There was a guy in my neighborhood that I thought was so cute, and I gathered up the guts to ask him to prom. I didn't talk to him much at all, but I asked him to prom," she told Seth Meyers on his show last night. And, let's just say, he didn't make it. 

Worst part: Nyong'o designed her own dress! So much effort, so little payoff. 

Are you kicking yourself right now, sir? Because you should be.

Watch the whole thing here:

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