Kate Middleton Went Shopping at a Thrift Store

The Duchess of Cambridge: She's just like us.

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Kate "I Like Big Hats and I Cannot Lie" (opens in new tab) Middleton was recently spotted (opens in new tab) trolling the racks of Harrods. And by "Harrods," we definitely mean a local consignment store in Holt. 

The Princess spent 25-entire-minutes in the car just to get to the town's new thrift shop, and then browsed dresses and mingled amongst the locals while wearing a completely relatable M Missoni coat. 

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But, before you start clutching your pearls at the thought of Kate wearing a used fascinator, her purpose for visiting the store was to support East Anglia's Children's Hospices (opens in new tab), one of the first charities she became involved with upon being elevated from mortal to royalty.

While Kate didn't buy herself a new outfit, she did pick up a Fireman Sam book (for Prince George, one assumes) and looked extremely excited about the entire experience.

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We believed the official English word for this expression is "chuffed."

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