Kanye West Will Not Drop His Vendetta Against Suit Jackets and Capitalism

Are those the lyrics to "Rainbow Connection," or...?

Facial hair, Moustache, Beard, Chest, Cuff, Belt, Pocket, Buzz cut,
Facial hair, Moustache, Beard, Chest, Cuff, Belt, Pocket, Buzz cut,
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Part-time motivational speaker Kanye West interrupts his regularly scheduled sermons/ranting about things he hates "strongly dislikes" to bring you an important announcement: He still hates—I mean "strongly dislikes"—suit jackets. Just so you know.

After approximately 73 tweets about rising up against the establishment, capitalist greed, following one's dreams, and Pablo's commercial success, Mr. All Positive Vibes slipped in a reference to a previous Twitter episode.

LOL! But still, here is the truthiest of Tuesday's batch of tweets, though only Kanye can say how the profits from his Pablo pop-up are different from regular money.  

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