Jenna Dewan-Tatum Finally Addressed Those Infamous Justin Timberlake Dating Rumors

Yes, they dated. No, she wasn't a rebound.

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Believe it or not, before she was pirouetting into the arms of Channing Tatum in Step Up, Jenna Dewan-Tatum dated none other than Justin Timberlake. AKA this dude:

The pair started dating shortly after Justin broke up with Britney Spears, and met thanks to Jenna being a backup dancer on his tour. "We were, like, friends that then dated and we're just really good friends now," she recently told Andy Cohen. And please don't make the mistake of calling her a rebound.

"No, I was not the rebound!" she said. "I was very clear not to be [a rebound]. Of course he's sexy. But no, no I was not a rebound. We're still good friends. It's not as salacious as everyone thinks."

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In related news, Jenna shut down a rumor that Britney and Justin had a post-breakup dance-off (as documented in Lifetime's Britney Ever After.)

"Okay, so this dance-off situation never happened, people! It was in tabloids and everyone thought that this happened. And I really wish I could say that that happened because that would be the coolest story in the world. It would be so awesome. I wish I could say that but no, it never happened."

Pop culture dreams = dashed.

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