Because He Just Can't Help Himself, Trump Went Ahead and Mocked the Emmys on Twitter

He needed to unbridle his award-show passion.

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Unfortunately, the poor White House aide (presumably) tasked with keeping Donald Trump distracted during the 2017 Emmys fought a losing battle, because the president finally addressed the show in a mini-rant on Twitter. And no, he's not thrilled.

But before we get to POTUS' official response to the Emmys, let's go over some of the jokes that were made at his expense. Not only did his former Press Secretary Sean Spicer come out to say hi, Trump was described as being "beloved by Nazis" (yup), was low-key accused of treason, and was called a "morally compromised antihero."

In other words, people went in. And Trump's response? To mock the low viewership:

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To be fair, the Emmys did have pretty rough ratings, failing to move the needle up from last year's all time low. To also be fair, this tweet is weird and extra.

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