Big 'Game of Thrones' News at Comic Con AND Best Blooper Reel Ever

Is is season five yet?

While most of the news coming out of the annual San Diego conference hasn't caught our eye (sorry, we're only part-time nerds), we're psyched about the Game of Thrones news that has been released at this year's Comic Con. Not only have there been new characters confirmed for the show's upcoming fifth season (which sadly won't be released until next year!) but there's new, unseen footage as well. After last season's gut-wrenching (literally) Red Wedding, there's some serious holes to be filled in the show's cast, and as such they're bringing nine new faces to Westeros. Hopefully these new characters will face a better fate than their predecesors, but knowing this show's history, it seems unlikely.

Casting announcements weren't the only big GoT happenings in San Diego. Game of Thrones may be many things—tear-inducing, heartbreaking, soul-killing, to name a few, but rarely does it bring out a ton of laughs. The new footage—a blooper reel from season four—isn't exactly plot-making, but we love watching the citizens of Westeros break character. We'll be watching this vid over and over again to fill the GoT void in our hearts until season five. We suggest you do the same! Check it out below.

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