Shut It Down: Saying Goodbye to 30 Rock Tonight

We first met Liz Lemon in 2006 and it was a first impression from which we're still trying to recover — meant in the best way possible. From Liz's frequent guttural noises, to her catchphrases, to her affinity for all things sandwich meat-related, to her self-given nicknames, "Liz Lemon Cool J" has been the one constant in the weekly TV round-up that we can always count on. Turning on 30 Rock has guaranteed us 22 minutes of bonafide, smart hilarity, and we're not sure we're mature enough to bid adieu to Liz and the gang just yet.

Unfortunately, we can't expect 30 Rock to just stick around for our viewing pleasure every Thursday evening when the show's characters are destined for bigger and better hijinks beyond the TGS studio. Well, what exactly? We present our series finale predictions for our favorite fictional inhabitants of 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

Liz and Criss will raise Terry and Janet, their newly adopted children, to be exactly like Tracy and Jenna, especially if that will lead to a revival of TGS in the coming future.

Kenneth will find a wonderful, equally cheerful lady friend who finds his female middle name (Ellen) the most attractive part about him. He will never return to his hometown of Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Jenna will be asked to join the cast of The Real Housewives of New York City, while continuing to be the spokesperson for Geri Chair, a mobility scooter for seniors. In a few years, Cerie will usurp Jenna as spokesperson, and, well, you can imagine how Jenna will react.

In his first official act as CEO of Kabletown, Jack will force the villainous teen Kaylie Hooper to go through NBC's page program. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Tracy will continue… being Tracy. He and Angie will develop a reality TV show based on their life that, of course, includes Grizz and Dot Com.

Finally, Liz will comfortably say the word "lovers" when not used between the words "meat" and "pizza." This will mark her biggest accomplishment, and we will be very proud of her.

We'll miss the Lizbianisms, shutting it down, and all the hammer of Thor references. We'll miss being able to hear what the what?, blergh, and pwomp being used in everyday conversation. We'll wonder if Liz ever did get to go to there. But most of all, we'll miss all those mandatory Liz Lemon parties that, frankly, no TV character will be able replicate.

Watch the last two back-to-back 30 Rock episodes tonight at 8 p.m. EST on NBC. Lemon out.

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