The Best Looks from the 2017 Billboard Music Awards

This is the definition of fun fashion.

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Stars are walking the pink carpet at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. Here are some of the best looks from one of the biggest nights in music.

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Hailee Steinfeld

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Rita Ora

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Rebecca Black

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Olivia Munn

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Alexandra Daddario

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Rachel Platten

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Kate Beckinsale

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Lea Michele

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Vanessa Hudgens

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John Legend

Clothing, Carpet, Red carpet, Waist, Premiere, Shoulder, Joint, Flooring, Leg, Crop top,
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Noah Cyrus

Red carpet, Clothing, Carpet, Shoulder, Dress, Orange, Premiere, Hairstyle, Flooring, Joint,
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Camila Cabello

Clothing, Red carpet, Carpet, Dress, Hairstyle, Fashion model, Fashion, Flooring, Premiere, Long hair,
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Ashley Tisdale

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