Watch an Engaged Couple Ask Each Other: "What Are You Hiding From Me?"

"Obviously I'm not a dishonest person, but..."

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In continuing with the hot trend of forcing people who love(d) each other to get super personal on cameraThe Skin Deep had engaged couple Lynette and Corey ask each other some scary questions. The results, as you might imagine, are awkward.

They start with a softball question: "Who has the stronger personality?" (He does, apparently.) Everything goes downhill from there when Corey asks Lynette, "What are you hesitant to tell me?" He begins his answer the way all smart people answer their questions: "Obviously, I'm not a dishonest person, but..."

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The question opens up a slew of insecurities for Lynette—she's worried about Corey's music career taking off and doesn't know if she could handle that. He gets upset in turn when she asks him, "What is a secret you have been too afraid to tell me?" She admits to making out with an ex-girlfriend when she and Corey were on a break awhile back and he freaks out a little bit. Try not to cringe in the video below:

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