There's Going to Be a "Gilmore Girls" Festival in the Real-Life Stars Hollow

You'll be able to have tea at the Mayflower, attend a dance recital at the Pavilion, go to a book reading at The Hickory Stick Bookstore, and participate in a Knit-a-Thon!

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If you're a Gilmore Girls fan, chances are you've always fantasized about visiting Stars Hollow, especially in that magical time of year when the leaves are changing color and the town square is filled with pumpkins and bales of hay. Now, thanks to a few dedicated fans, you'll finally have a chance to live out that dream ahead of the Netflix revival that premieres on November 25, 2016.

On the weekend of October 21-23, there will be a Gilmore Girls festival in the town that inspired Stars Hollow: Washington Depot, Connecticut.

The festival promises to be a magical weekend filled with all of the things that make the town so special, including a town troubadour and even a Friday night dinner (albeit in a food truck rather than at the Gilmore home).

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Of course, there will be "as much caffeine as possible," as well as screenings of some of the best episodes.

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On Saturday, the town will "come to life" with events at some classic venues. You'll be able to have tea at the Mayflower, sample cake at the Washington Food Market, attend a dance recital at the Pavilion, go to a book reading at The Hickory Stick Bookstore, and participate in a Knit-a-thon. The organizers are even working on getting the town a gazebo, as it's the only thing missing at the moment!

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Did we mention the best part? There are going to be actual cast members at this thing. At the moment, the confirmed list is Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore), Jackson Douglas (Jackson), Yanic Truesdale (Michel), Vanessa Marano (April), and other characters that made the town so colorful. And there may be more joining in (fingers crossed for Taylor and Kirk)!

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You can get all the details, including lodging options and directions, here. Tickets cost $175, but don't wait too long to get them because the VIP ones are already sold out!

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