9 Terrible Movie Couples Who Should Have Never Been Together

9 Terrible Movie Couples - Bad Couples in Films

People love a good romance, but some movie couples are just not destined to be. It might be because they have terrible chemistry, it could be because they have nothing in common, or it could just be because one half of the couple is a total douche.

Here are nine awful couples who have no business being together.

She's got a great job that's obviously important to her that requires dedication and long hours. He's a total dick to her about it. Andy (Anne Hathaway) and Nate (Adrian Grenier) have zero chemistry, and it's hard to see what they have in common. He's completely unsupportive of her the whole way through, telling her she's got no integrity because she decides to go to Paris when she'd have been fired if she'd said no. She'd be better off without him.

Dude, that's your best friend's little sister. You've known her since she was 11. I don't think this relationship is super healthy for either of them since they're brought together during a massively traumatic time and neither has really had much of a chance to, um, investigate other options before getting MARRIED AND HAVING KIDS. Also, it's a bit like Harry is dating Ron.

A better version of Passengers would be a movie where would-be colonist Jim (Chris Pratt) accidentally wakes up 120 years early and deliberately wakes up fellow passenger Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence). It wouldn't be a love story, but a horribly claustrophobic revenge horror. Jim has condemned Aurora to death with only him for company for the rest of her life, and when she's quite rightly pissed off and won't speak to him, he bothers her constantly over the ship's PA system. Not a recipe for romance.

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He's mopey, miserable, deadly dangerous, and about a century older than her. She's sulky and absolutely no fun. Not a couple who should be together for an actual eternity, and not a couple people would want to spend any time with at all.

Julia Roberts again, but this time she's the one with money and power, instead of a personality. She's a famous movie star who chats up humble bookshop owner Hugh Grant even though she's dating someone else, which she fails to tell him. Then when the press get wind of their relationship, she has a massive go at him and dumps him even though it's not his fault. She doesn't bother to contact him for months, slags him off to a costar, and then somehow, he ends up apologizing to her. Now THAT is star power.

Never mind that he's clearly massively on the rebound having just learned that his girlfriend is cheating on him with his brother, Jamie (Colin Firth) and his Portuguese housekeeper Aurelia (Lucia Moniz) don't even speak the same language. That doesn't stop him from learning just enough Portuguese to propose, and her summoning just enough English to accept, though.

There's zero chemistry between awful Hayden Christensen and cold Natalie Portman. He's playing an irritating and petulant teenager, while she's just dull. So when they met it was... boring. It's hard to think of a couple to give less of a sh*t about. And did I mention he was a preteen when they met? She groomed him, basically.

Summer loving is nice, but greaser Danny and good girl Sandy don't exactly make a great couple. Both go to great lengths to change themselves in order to impress the other, with Danny becoming a track runner and Sandy squishing herself into a cat suit and taking up smoking cigs. Never gonna work.

These two getting together feels like a sham. Both were in it for the wrong reasons from the start, with Sara trying to dig up dirt on Hitch's clients, and Hitch just trying to prove to himself that his manipulative coupling techniques actually work. Even though they end up dating in the end, it just doesn't seem right.

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