Jealous Much? The Most Retweetable Photos From Our Golden Globes After-Party

Because if it's not on Twitter, it never happened.

We went to the Golden Globes after-party and it was balls-to-the-walls AMAZING. We chilled with celebs. We sipped champagne next to Leo's mom. We posed with Taylor Swift and we're pretty sure her security guard gave us the bedroom eyes. Because nothing matters these days unless it's documented, here are our favorite snaps from the night:

Our date nights don't look like this. Le sigh.
Quadruple kiss! SPRING BREAK!
The most handsome nominees and their dates... their MOMS. Presh.
Taylor Swift and her backup dancers. #jk
Go Swify, go Swifty, go Swifty, GO.
Meryl Streep poses in the greatest specs we've ever seen.
Robin Wright danced the night away. Literally, the WHOLE night, and we have the video to prove it.
Julia Roberts shows off her signature smile with Kevin Spacey in tow.
Seeing the world through lavender-colored glasses seems like a good way to go.
"Yeah b*tch"
I wonder if they're talking about which one of them is hotter. Or how much they like blondes.
Hey guys!
Our editor-in-chief Anne Fulenwider and creative director Nina Garcia, you know, posing with T. Swift.
Apparently, gravity doesn't exist inside this party.
Something he'll actually never let go of...
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