Emma Watson Has Decided on a Name for Her Feminist Book Club

And you can join.

emma watson
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Update 1/7: AND WE HAVE A NAME. 

Not the Harry Potter pun we all wanted, but there it is.

Original 1/7: Hermione Granger—or as she's known to muggles, Emma Watson—is starting the feminist book club you never knew you needed.

The UN ambassador and "wingardium leviosa" expert spent 2015 becoming a voice of contemporary feminism, but she can't handle the responsibility of a world-wide book club on her lonesome, which is why she wants your help picking a name.

Obviously, the suggestion "Feminist Book Club" probably misses the mark, so here are some alternatives:

Emma Watson's Every Flavor Beans n' Books Club (Get it? Harry Potter humor.)

Feminist Fascicle Fanatics

The Restricted Section (Even more Harry Potter humor.)

Well, tbh, we're open to suggestions.

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