Power Gifting: What 12 Boss Ladies Are Giving (and Hoping to Get) This Year

Get ready to jot these picks down.

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They're always prepared—so it makes sense they have their list prepped, too. Here, a little insight into how your icons get their holiday shopping done.

Tory Burch

CEO, chairman, and designer of Tory Burch

How She'll Ace the Holidays: "Divide and conquer. I know that cooking isn't necessarily my strong suit—OK, it's not at all—so I try to enlist the help of others who are more talented. On the other hand, flower arranging and making sure the tables look beautiful are things I love, so I do those myself."

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Tory Burch

What She's Giving:

Tory Burch Foundation Seed Box ($98; toryburch.com)

"One present I know I'm giving nearly everyone on my list this year is our Seed Box, a curated assortment of incredible products from women-owned small businesses, and a great way to support women entrepreneurs."

Vinyl records

"I prefer gift-giving to gift-getting. Giving is so much more fun! For my boys this year I was thinking music, perhaps getting some of their favorite records on vinyl."

A first edition

"My eldest brother is easy: a first-edition book—he's a voracious reader."

Something with style

"For my mom, something stylish and functional (a great handbag, a chic scarf, something comfortable from our Sport line)."

A travel memento

"For my stepdaughters I love to give things I've collected in my travels throughout the year that match their eclectic and unique tastes."

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Tory Burch

What She Wants:

"As the old adage goes, time is the best gift. I would take uninterrupted time with my family over any gift."

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Alli Webb

Founder of Drybar and author of The Drybar Guide to Good Hair for All

How She'll Ace the Holidays: "Lists! As I've gotten older, I've learned to write everything down, or it doesn't get done. I use Wunderlist, an app for sharing lists and tasks with multiple people. Our whole team uses it."

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Alli Webb

What She's Giving:

Gratitude Collaborative Gift Box ($75 to $250;


"These beautifully curated boxes have a donation built in that goes directly to charities. And they use local artisans to create tons of different small-batch goods. It's a gift you feel good about getting and giving."

Mancrate ($19.99 to $179.99, mancrates.com)

"For all the men on my list, I'm obsessed with Mancrates. You can order these cool themed crates with things like whisky, beef jerky, grilling salts, you name it. It's seriously the perfect guy gift."

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Alli Webb

What She Wants:

Art (various; maxwanger.com)

"We just moved, and I am excited to fill my new home. I love the work of photographer Max Wanger. I have one of his photos in my bedroom that I absolutely adore."

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Shonda Rhimes

Creator of Scandal and Grey's Anatomy, executive producer of How to Get Away with Murder and The Catch, and author of Year of Yes Journal

How She'll Ace the Holidays: "I always have my presents bought by September 1. It's a rule. It just helps me get it all done. I always have my lights up by November 1. I have four trees in my house, and I get very Martha Stewart. I also try to minimize whatever work I need to do—we order a turkey and ham, and always Chicago pizza for Christmas Eve—Aurelio's in Homewood, Illinois!"

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Shonda Rhimes

What She's Giving:

Kiwi Crate Subscription ($20 a month; kiwicrate.com)

"The idea of gifting nieces, nephews, and friends' children a subscription to activity kits could be cool. Each month, they're sent a new crate of stuff that encourages them to be creative—a great thing in the age of so many electronics."

Tile Slim Tracker (from $30, thetileapp.com)

"The teens and adults may be getting things like this: little Bluetooth squares you attach to things, so if you lose them, you can locate them with an app. I think they would be great to slip inside school backpacks or stick on the back of your iPad for peace of mind."

L'Occitane shea butter hand cream (from $12, loccitane.com)

"My sisters and I always talk about how we don't treat ourselves, so I fill people's stockings with things like these. The lavender shea hand cream is amazing. They're so rich and lush, it makes you feel like you're doing something nice for yourself when you use them."

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Shonda Rhimes

What She Wants:

Archipelago Lavender Essential Oil Pillow Mist ($24; shoparchipelago.com)

"You can't go wrong with aromatherapy for me. I haven't tried this one yet, but it could be fabulous. It's in this pretty, vintage-feeling atomizer bottle that makes you feel fancy."

A great book

"Really, I'm that person who would be ecstatic if someone gave me an old, leather-bound original copy of a great book. Not very exciting, but totally me."

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Debbie Sterling

Founder and CEO of GoldieBox

How She'll Ace the Holidays: "I use the Accompany app. It's like having your own personal assistant. It's great because it briefs me for the meetings I have on my calendar."

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Debbie Sterling

What She's Giving:

A.P.C. backpack ($235, usonline.apc.fr)

"I'm getting this for my husband. He's not a briefcase guy, but he likes to have a stylish work-appropriate bag to carry his laptop and other documents."

The Balm cosmetics ($28 for timeBalm foundation, thebalm.com)

"I'm getting this for my sister and sister-in-law because it's my favorite makeup brand—a woman-owned company based in San Francisco. Their products don't cause you to break out, even if you fall asleep with it on—which I tend to do sometimes."

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Debbie Sterling

What She Wants:

Oeuf rainbow rug ($260, oeufnyc.com)

"I want this for the baby's room. I'm looking for great, gender-neutral items for our baby boy."

Subscription to Sun Basket (from $68.94 per week, sunbasket.com)

"I want to cook at home more, start eating healthier, and eat the right portions. But I get too busy at work to do meal planning."

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Sarah Kauss

Founder and CEO of S'well

How She'll Ace the Holidays: "Last year, from Thanksgiving to Christmas for one day a week, I had a masseuse from Priv come in to give every team member a chair massage. It was just a little way to make sure everyone could unwind during the day and felt supported."

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Sarah Kauss

What She's Giving:

Handblown Decanter ($175; food52.com)

"Food52 is one of my favorite spots for finding gifts for everyone on my list. I especially love this decanter for my parents. The minimalistic look is stunning, and it is a great finishing touch to any room."

Luisa Matte Havana Tortoise sunglasses ($139, toms.com)

"My sister-in-law is a photographer and is always on the go, on shoots around Florida and Nashville. I think she would love the way these glasses have a bit of '60s feminine flair to them. My favorite part: TOMS will help give sight to a person in need."

Leather Hank wallet ($59.99, herschelsupply.com)

"My brother is the type of person that will use something till it falls apart. I noticed recently that his wallet was pretty worn down. I spotted this Herschel wallet and immediately thought of him. It's classic, simple, and a gift that won't break the bank."

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Sarah Kauss

What She Wants:

The Beach People Roundies towel (6) ($110; thebeachpeopleco.com)

"These towels have gorgeous designs and are amazing for a picnic, a day at the beach in Florida with my family, or just to wrap yourself in during a cold winter night."

Kate Spade jewel-button boucle coat ($728, katespade.com) "I've been wearing the same coat for several years, and it's about time for a new one. I'm such a lover of Kate Spade, and this coat has been on my mind. It has such a timeless and chic look to it, it can complete just about any outfit."

The Carry-On by Away in Hummam Blue ($225, awaytravel.com)

"This year has been busy with everything from quick trips across the country to long stays overseas in London. I've been hearing more and more about these bags: the reasonable price, the high quality, the colors (the blue reminds me of S'well blue), and that it can charge my phone! To top it off, the company was founded by two women."

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Marla Malcolm Beck

Founder and CEO of Bluemercury

How She'll Ace the Holidays: "I keep extra accessories in my tote to change up from day to evening: some jeweled clip-on earrings, a dramatic scarf, a cuff with jewels."

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Marla Malcolm Beck

What She's Giving:

Sara Happ lip scrubs ($24; sarahapp.com)

"For my teenagers, Ariel and Sophie, I'm getting these lip scrubs in Sprinkles Red Velvet or Sparkling Peach. They're fun and playful."

Trish McEvoy planner ($225, bluemercury.com)

"I'm giving my best friends the planner I designed with Trish McEvoy. It is a beautiful rose gold and has everything you need in it to travel for work or to exotic places."

Florapy sheet mask set ($38 for a 5-pack, florapybeauty.com)

"This is for fun work colleagues."

The M-61 Powerglow & Go set ($14, bluemercury.com)

"This is a great stocking stuffer for every woman I know. It's cute and compact, and leaves you with perfect, glowing skin."

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Marla Malcolm Beck

What She Wants:

Veronica Beard gift card (veronicabeard.com)

"I love her blazers with hoodies, and the scuba pants are slimming and pack easily."

Tea (from $9.95 a box, capitalteas.com)

"I'd love some unique loose tea to add to my pantry collection. I love Capital Teas of Washington, D.C."

Amazon Fire TV Stick ($39.99, amazon.com)

"I like to binge watch, and I hear Amazon is doing some great production work."

A handwritten note from my husband and kids

"I save every note they ever write me, and they are the most precious ever!"

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Sallie Krawcheck

CEO and cofounder of Ellevest, chair of Ellevate Network, and author of Own It: The Power of Women at Work

How She'll Ace the Holidays: "I don't go to the post office. I use Shyp. I start ordering in to a greater degree: Postmates, Instacart, you name it. If it can't be delivered, it doesn't happen."

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Sallie Krawcheck

What She's Giving:

Ringly moonstone ring (13) ($195; ringly.com)

"I like that this jewelry notifies you when you have a text message."

"Feminist" necklace ($195, itsmeandyou.com)

"For my feminist friends (and I have a lot of them at Ellevest and Ellevate Network), I like the feminist accessories from Me and You."

Two-tone leggings ($95, outdoorvoices.com)

"These are really eye-catching. I'm going to give them to my stepdaughter and daughter, both of whom are very active."

Subscription to Texture ($9.99 a month, texture.com)

"All the magazines you can read."

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Sallie Krawcheck

What She Wants:

Away carry-on luggage ($225; awaytravel.com)

"I travel so much that my carry-on has finally given out. I'm asking for Away luggage so that I can charge my phone in the suitcase."

A chunky vintage Chanel watch (amount varies, therealreal.com)

"I've been keeping an eye out on TheRealReal, an online consignment site, for one."

A bag from Gigi New York (from $175, giginewyork.com)

"They're all gorgeous, and I love that they are made in the U.S."

iPhone 7 (from $649, apple.com)

"My current phone has a cracked screen."

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Samie Kim Falvey

Chief content officer of AwesomenessTV and Verizon's new service for premium short-form mobile content

How She'll Ace the Holidays: "It pains my environmental heart, but I order every single thing online—my favorites are A+R and MoMA Design Store. When I travel, I order things for babies and small kids at diapers.com

to be delivered to my destination."

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Samie Kim Falvey

What She's Giving:

Lego Death Star ($500, lego.com)

"My 8-year-old son wants this, and I think it's 4,000 pieces. I guess I know what 2017 looks like."

Photo book (from $14.95, blurb.com)

"I like to give gifts that are inside jokes or super specific to a situation. My sister just got married and I made a joke in my toast about a silly black veil attached to a headband she made me buy. We basically got a picture of everyone at the wedding wearing it, from family and friends to the caterers. I thought I could make a really funny book out of the pictures for her."

Apple TV (from $149, apple.com) or Fitbit ($149.95 for Fitbit Charge 2, fitbit.com)

"For my team, I usually like to give some new tech of the moment they'd use."

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Samie Kim Falvey

What She Wants:

Ren moisturizers ($45 for Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream; renskincare.com)

"This is going to sound like a total lie, but I don't love getting jewelry! I like a gift that shows my husband has observed something I need. Those gifts feel more intimate."

A new playlist (iTunes)

"I always love the gift of music I wouldn't discover myself. I'm always looking for a playlist to run to—something that distracts me from thinking about how I hate running!"

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Hannah Bronfman

DJ and founder of HBFIT

How She'll Ace the Holidays: "I live by my iCal. I basically plan out my free time."

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Hannah Bronfman

What She's Giving:

Morgan Lane Josephine pajamas (top, $178, shorts, $184; morgan- lane.com)

"This is for my BFF who just moved in with her man. She's a free spirit who doesn't need frills, but we all know a little effort goes a long way."

Valleybrink Road gift boxes with dried flowers (from $100, valleybrinkroad.com)

"These are great gifts because you can choose from different types of boxes — small, medium, and large sizes with savory or sweet treats."

Gift certificate to Great Jones Spa (gjspa.com)

"I'm getting this for my overworked manager."

A vintage bottle of wine

"This is for my dad. He's a wine buff, and I happen to know a woman who helps people source rare wines."

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Hannah Bronfman

What She Wants:

TyLynn Nguyen slip ($280; tylynnnguyen.com)

"I'm dying for this slip. I think it's chic and easy for lounge-around-the-house wear."

Gift certificate to CAP beauty (capbeauty.com)

"It's the mecca of beauty from within."

Gift certificate to Shibui Spa (thegreenwichhotel.com)

"I love a very strong massage so a little indulgence at this spa Shibui Spa would be much appreciated!

A cooking class at Haven's Kitchen ($135, havenskitchen.com)

"I'd like to take a class with friends, so that we can all hang together while learning something fun and new to cook."

Charitable donation on my behalf to supporting the youth in arts and education.

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Jessica Koslow

Chef and owner of Sqirl restaurant, and author of cookbook Everything I Want to Eat

How She'll Ace the Holidays: "I buy in bulk. I'll find a gift that's really useful for, say, the staff, and I'll just get a ton of them. That way, I'm set on gifts that are unique, but can feel unique for a lot of people."

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Jessica Koslow

What She's Giving:

Peter Shire mugs ($60; mocastore.org)

"One of the last American Memphis artists was born and still lives in Echo Park, California. He's having a resurgence, and people have fallen in love with his vibrant mugs all over again. They are always different shapes and colors, which give them their unique spirit."

Douk-Douk knives (from $29.95, knifecenter.com)

"My staff will go crazy over these French carbon steel knives. Since the early 1900's Gaston Cognet & Co. has been making classy pocket knives that people actually want to cut with. The perfect knife to take on a picnic to cut fruit or cheese? This is it."

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Jessica Koslow

What She Wants:

McConnell's Fine Ice Creams membership (from $72 for three pints a month for three months; mcconnells.com)

"This is my 'desert island' food that I cannot live without."

Esprit: Making of an Image ($139.99, amazon.com)

"This out-of-print vintage magazine from the '80s is still a fashion/design/ad reference to this day."

Jesse Kamm sailor pants ($395, shopmille.com)

"I need clothes that are for hanging out in outside the restaurant."

Channel Islands barrette from Dream Collective ($35, dreamcollective.com)

"Because my hair is back in the kitchen all the time."

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