21 Gifts for Your Boss So Good, You'll Want to Keep Them for Yourself

I'm the CEO now.

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Depending on your relationship status with your boss, finding a holiday gift for her may or may not be harder than finding one for your S.O. Nobody tells you how much to spend or what's technically "office-appropriate," but as long you have a general idea of her style and taste (and at the very least, a decent working relationship), you can't go wrong in the gifting department. Whether this is your first time shopping for a boss or not, have no fear. We’ve scoured the internet and have found just about everything you need to make yourself stand out from the rest of the office. This list contains everything from lumbar support pillows to a set of pastel pens that will make a great office secret Santa (opens in new tab) gift. Did I just hear someone say “Employee of the Year?”

Julia Marzovilla
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