Kylie Jenner Looked Absolutely Heavenly in This Halloween Costume



Kylie Jenner was seriously ~glowing~ in her Halloween costume Tuesday—she dressed up as a sparkly angel. She wore all white and accessorized her outfit with white eyelashes, drop earrings, and feathery wings. She styled her hair in an impressively high ponytail. Seriously, it was way up there.

BFF Jordyn Woods contrasted Kylie's getup dressed as a devil with bright red hair and equally bright eyeshadow. The friends wore plunging red and white dresses, and Kylie was very on-theme when she posted this video with Beyoncé's song "No Angel" playing in the background.

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♥️🌬 Fire & Ice

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After absolutely nailing Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty" music video look last year, complete with leather chaps, it seems she went for a more classic approach this year.

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