Here's What 10 People Look Like With and Without Their Glasses On

You're seeing double...but not!

Kathleen Kamphausen

While it might be true that every person is her own special snowflake, there is one thing that unites most humans: the need for vision correction. Some people wear this proudly, with glasses that they sport on a regular basis, while others keep it hidden away, bringing out their frames only when absolutely necessary. Either way, glasses can profoundly change the look of a person. Here's what 10 people look like wearing their glasses and not—plus, how they feel about them.

"I don't mind the way that I look with glasses. I have a thing about glasses looking good with my outfit and I don't have the income to buy a bunch of different frames. I hardly ever wear my glasses. It feels better when I can see, which happens when I have them on, but I don't like to wear them all the time because they slide off my nose. The thing is that I hate contacts. If my vision got worse, I would get Lasik." —Brooke

"I normally wear glasses. I don't like putting things in or near my eyes, so I stick with glasses for the most part. My older sister got an ulcer putting in her contacts once so that scared me for life. I like my glasses. I've never been embarrassed to wear them. They're fun! I don't wear a ton of makeup so glasses are a fun way to accessorize." —Alanna

"I've been wearing glasses since I was in the second grade. There were a couple years when I would wear contacts only to play sports but they'd dry out my eyes. I think I look very weird without glasses—like my face is naked and incomplete. I also have terrible vision so I feel like I'm immobilized when I'm not wearing glasses. At this point, my glasses are pretty much a part of my face; on the rare occasion when I'm not wearing my glasses, I'll still find myself trying to push them up like they're a phantom limb." —Heeseung

"I love my glasses! They're Warby Parker. I only wear them at night though, because although my prescription is accurate, my glasses give me a headache when I'm looking at a screen all day. I can still see that my peripheral vision isn't in focus, which doesn't happen with contacts. If my vision sucked less, I would have a ton of glasses." —Madeline

"I've been wearing glasses since I was in the third grade. I tried contacts in my teens for maybe a week or two but I hated it. If I lose the glasses, I become somebody else. Some people just seriously won't recognize me. I like feeling like Clark Kent." —Robert

"I only really wear my glasses before I go to bed every night. I like to wear sunglasses and I can't wear sunglasses if I have my glasses on. When I think that I have a cool outfit that works with my glasses, I'll wear my glasses. Sometimes it looks better—they can hide the bags under my eyes. I also have a chubby face and I think they can help my face look a little smaller." —Danielle

"I had Lasik a while back but I need glasses to help with eye strain from looking at screens all day. They don't fit with my headphones, which is annoying. Before I had Lasik, I hated wearing glasses and usually wore contacts, but now I don't mind them because I don't have to wear them all the time. I had been wearing them since second or third grade, so I was tired of them. And maybe I just had fit problems; they're always sliding down your nose or pinching your ears. I'm also really messy so I get my glasses dirty really easily. I have to clean them, like, 800 times daily." —Eliza

"I've worn glasses every single day since my freshman year of college, and I probably have about 15 pairs, including two pairs of prescription sunglasses. I feel self-conscious without my glasses, and I swear no guys ever liked me until I started wearing them. I met my glasses idol, Lisa Loeb, a few years ago, and she said the same thing about guys not liking her until she became bespectacled, which made me feel better. Maybe I wear them as a shield or facade or something, but they are just part of my face at this point. I don't even own contacts." —Lauren

"Sometimes I really love wearing my glasses, and other times not so much. I think they make my face look really different, but since I only use my glasses for some things like driving at night or using the computer, I don't want to get contacts. Honestly though, half the time after I put my glasses on, I forget I'm even wearing them and leave them on all day!" —Megan

As for me? I don't really wear glasses during the day. I'm letting my vanity show here by admitting that I feel uglier with them on. People seem to treat me differently when I have my glasses on, so for the most part, I leave them on my bathroom counter and only take my contacts out at night. But I wouldn't say I hate my glasses. I feel a lot of affection for them, actually, even though I leave them abandoned all day.

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