Here's What 10 People Look Like With and Without Their Glasses On

You're seeing double...but not!

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While it might be true that every person is her own special snowflake, there is one thing that unites most humans: the need for vision correction. Some people wear this proudly, with glasses that they sport on a regular basis, while others keep it hidden away, bringing out their frames only when absolutely necessary. Either way, glasses can profoundly change the look of a person. Here's what 10 people look like wearing their glasses and not—plus, how they feel about them.

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"I don't mind the way that I look with glasses. I have a thing about glasses looking good with my outfit and I don't have the income to buy a bunch of different frames. I hardly ever wear my glasses. It feels better when I can see, which happens when I have them on, but I don't like to wear them all the time because they slide off my nose. The thing is that I hate contacts. If my vision got worse, I would get Lasik." —Brooke

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"I normally wear glasses. I don't like putting things in or near my eyes, so I stick with glasses for the most part. My older sister got an ulcer putting in her contacts once so that scared me for life. I like my glasses. I've never been embarrassed to wear them. They're fun! I don't wear a ton of makeup so glasses are a fun way to accessorize." —Alanna

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"I've been wearing glasses since I was in the second grade. There were a couple years when I would wear contacts only to play sports but they'd dry out my eyes. I think I look very weird without glasses—like my face is naked and incomplete. I also have terrible vision so I feel like I'm immobilized when I'm not wearing glasses. At this point, my glasses are pretty much a part of my face; on the rare occasion when I'm not wearing my glasses, I'll still find myself trying to push them up like they're a phantom limb." —Heeseung

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"I love my glasses! They're Warby Parker. I only wear them at night though, because although my prescription is accurate, my glasses give me a headache when I'm looking at a screen all day. I can still see that my peripheral vision isn't in focus, which doesn't happen with contacts. If my vision sucked less, I would have a ton of glasses." —Madeline

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"I've been wearing glasses since I was in the third grade. I tried contacts in my teens for maybe a week or two but I hated it. If I lose the glasses, I become somebody else. Some people just seriously won't recognize me. I like feeling like Clark Kent." —Robert

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"I only really wear my glasses before I go to bed every night. I like to wear sunglasses and I can't wear sunglasses if I have my glasses on. When I think that I have a cool outfit that works with my glasses, I'll wear my glasses. Sometimes it looks better—they can hide the bags under my eyes. I also have a chubby face and I think they can help my face look a little smaller." —Danielle

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"I had Lasik a while back but I need glasses to help with eye strain from looking at screens all day. They don't fit with my headphones, which is annoying. Before I had Lasik, I hated wearing glasses and usually wore contacts, but now I don't mind them because I don't have to wear them all the time. I had been wearing them since second or third grade, so I was tired of them. And maybe I just had fit problems; they're always sliding down your nose or pinching your ears. I'm also really messy so I get my glasses dirty really easily. I have to clean them, like, 800 times daily." —Eliza

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"I've worn glasses every single day since my freshman year of college, and I probably have about 15 pairs, including two pairs of prescription sunglasses. I feel self-conscious without my glasses, and I swear no guys ever liked me until I started wearing them. I met my glasses idol, Lisa Loeb, a few years ago, and she said the same thing about guys not liking her until she became bespectacled, which made me feel better. Maybe I wear them as a shield or facade or something, but they are just part of my face at this point. I don't even own contacts." —Lauren

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"Sometimes I really love wearing my glasses, and other times not so much. I think they make my face look really different, but since I only use my glasses for some things like driving at night or using the computer, I don't want to get contacts. Honestly though, half the time after I put my glasses on, I forget I'm even wearing them and leave them on all day!" —Megan

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As for me? I don't really wear glasses during the day. I'm letting my vanity show here by admitting that I feel uglier with them on. People seem to treat me differently when I have my glasses on, so for the most part, I leave them on my bathroom counter and only take my contacts out at night. But I wouldn't say I hate my glasses. I feel a lot of affection for them, actually, even though I leave them abandoned all day.

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