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Here's What Happened When I Squeezed My Size-12 Body Into Kendall and Kylie's Swimwear Line

If I did it, you can too.

Let me start off by saying that I never, ever wear bikinis. Before this, the last time you could catch me out in a two-piece swimsuit was when I was 5 years old and taking my weekly swimming class. My stomach has always been my problem area, so I just don't feel sexy in bikinis. TBH, I barely wear swimsuits. They give me anxiety.

If I do, it's only when I'm on vacation. I stick to flattering one-pieces like these:

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May your joys be as deep as the ocean.

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[Beach] Greetings 🎄

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I love my body, I'm just really particular about how I show it off. I'm also constantly working on loving my curves no matter what I wear, which, for me, means trying things I wouldn't normally wear.

Recently, Kendall and Kylie Jenner teamed up with Topshop for a third time to release a full swimwear collection. The sisters and their hot bodies (obvi) look perfect in all 37 pieces, which include bikinis, monokinis, neon, and metallic pieces that show off lots of skin.

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soaking in the ☀️ shop link in bio @topshop

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But would my size-12 body look good in them? I put Topshop, Kendall, and Kylie to the test and tried eight of them on myself.

My nerves were all over the place when I got to the store. Did they even think about curvier women like me when designing their swimwear? Would Topshop even carry their swimsuits in my size? I walked into the dressing room nervous but ready. Here's how it went down (plus I've ranked the suits from best to worst):

1. Black Strappy One-Piece

This flattering black one-piece featuring a sexy back might have been my favorite because it's so in my comfort zone. I loved the plunging scoop neckline, low-cut straps in the back, and the comfortable nylon material of the suit. It was super easy to put on and I honestly didn't want to take it off. Wasn't that into the branded "Kendall + Kylie" logo on the straps. It's a little aggressive for my taste, but other than that, this was definitely my fave out of the bunch.

Black Tape Detailed One-Piece, KENDALL + KYLIE (Available at Topshop), $75

2. Aqua Bikini

I have never felt this confident in a bikini before in my life. Trying this on and actually liking it was a major shocker for me because usually I'd do anything to hide my stomach. There was something about this suit that made me want to show off my curves. I was obsessed with the bright, beachy aqua color, the sporty-chic triangle neckline, and the thick straps that gave my boobs extra support.

Aqua Bikini Top, KENDALL + KYLIE (Available at Topshop), $58; Aqua Bikini Bottoms, KENDALL + KYLIE (Available at Topshop), $35

3. Gold Plunging Cutout One-Piece

Gold + a plunging neckline + cutouts = so me. I've never been afraid of a statement piece and this sexy one-piece is just that. The way the gold suit stood out on my dark skin tone made this one of my faves. The intricate barbell fastening is a cool detail too. This is the type of suit I would transition into a bodysuit by pairing it with high-waisted pants and heels for a night out. It's definitely a looker and a little revealing, to say the least, but it wouldn't be Kendall and Kylie otherwise.

Gold Plunging Cutout One-Piece, KENDALL + KYLIE (Available at Topshop), $75

4. White Bikini

I was really surprised that this icy-white bikini made it into my top five favorites. But who doesn't like to wear fresh white in the summer? It looks so refreshing. I could see myself pairing this simple bikini with a colorful cover-up and maybe even a beach hat.

White Bikini Top, KENDALL + KYLIE (Available at Topshop), $58; White Bikini Bottoms, KENDALL + KYLIE (Available at Topshop), $35

5. Multicolored Plunging Cutout Monokini

I know the cut of this one-piece is the exact same as the gold monokini's but this print is just a little too busy for me. Don't get me wrong, I love palm trees, but not enough to wear a shit-ton of them all over my bathing suit. The fit of this suit was on point though. And like the white one in the same style, I love the gold barbell detailing on the plunging neckline. Say hello to my (beautiful) stretch marks that are showing in this suit. And shout-out to the other women out there that have them! I still like it OK, but this one isn't all-the-way my jam.

Multicolored Plunging Cutout One-Piece, KENDALL + KYLIE (Available at Topshop), $85

6. Coral and Aqua Bikini

I really wanted to fall in love with this wetsuit-style bikini top that Kylie looks so flawless in...

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they don't love you like I love you

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...but it just didn't look the same on me. The bright coral color and the bomb black zipper right in the middle of it is what initially intrigued me. Who knows, maybe I got the wrong size or didn't experiment with the zipper enough. It's not horrible, but I wouldn't buy it. However, the material was super supportive for girls like me who have larger busts.

Coral Bikini Top, KENDALL + KYLIE (Available at Topshop), $58; Aqua Bikini Bottoms, KENDALL + KYLIE (Available at Topshop), $35

7. Multicolored Bardot Bikini Top

I've come to the conclusion that I'm really into off-the-shoulder tops, but not off-the-shoulder bikinis. The top was slightly slouchy in the center so it didn't sit comfortably on my boobs. I also didn't like the lack of functionality of the off-the-shoulder feature. It's trendy but not that practical. How am I going to swim (like the mermaid I truly am) in this?

Multicolored Bardot Bikini Top, KENDALL + KYLIE (Available at Topshop), $48; Aqua Bikini Bottoms, KENDALL + KYLIE (Available at Topshop), $35

8. Palm Tree Print Off-the-Shoulder Bikini

I love the way my body looks in this bikini. The material is stretchy and breathable, which made this extra flattering on my figure. But this palm-tree printed bikini comes in last place because I'm not feeling the off-the-shoulder top combined with the print I'm not too fond of. It's just not my style. It is the most, whereas I want to look effortless in my swimsuit. I could be overanalyzing but I stand by my decision.

Palm Tree Print Off-the-Shoulder Bikini Top, KENDALL + KYLIE (Available at Topshop), $48; Palm Tree Print Bottoms, KENDALL + KYLIE (Available at Topshop), $35

I should have abandoned the thought that I would never look good in a bikini a long time ago — I proved myself wrong about that with this experiment. I was also pleasantly surprised by the inclusivity of Kendall and Kylie's swimwear.

Just because I don't have the flattest stomach or the skinniest thighs doesn't mean bikinis don't look amazing on my body. It's easy to get sucked into society's unrealistic body standards of what is considered beautiful, but truthfully, it's all bullshit. So love your curves, girls, and flaunt your flawless bodies in every kind of swimsuit out there.

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