I Tried Amazon’s Best-Selling Yoga Shorts and They’re Actually So Good

PSA: They have pockets.

amazon baleaf yoga shorts review
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One night, while browsing for cheap workout wear on Amazon, I stumbled across some yoga shorts that everyone was obsessing over. People were losing their minds over the pockets, the trendy look, and the quality for the price. Some said they loved the shorts so much that they immediately bought another pair. And they have more than 1,200 five-star ratings. Amazon’s best-selling leggings have done me well in the past, so I knew I had to give these a try.

The Baleaf High Waist Yoga Workout Shorts cost me only $16 (another pro!) and they come in an assortment of colors, from basic black to bright coral. If you’re not into the capri/longer short look, they also have a 5" version. Ahead, my full review of them.

They’re moisture-wicking, breathable, and totally opaque.

You know that uncomfortable sticky feeling you get after an intense workout? Yeah, these yoga shorts don’t have that. I took a dance class and light jog in the park in them and knew I was sweating (my back told me so), but my legs felt totally chill, thanks to the moisture-wicking properties.

In terms of coverage, the black pair was totally opaque. Other users share the same experience: “Fabric was a good thickness, not at all see-through,” says one user. “Passed the squat test (not see-through when squatting),” writes another.

They feature a high-rise waistband.

Who doesn’t love a super-high-waisted legging? They keep your bottoms in place as you squat, jump, or whatever—no crack in sight.

And since they hit right at the waistline, they’re really flattering. Is that Bella Hadid? Nah, it’s you!

Baleaf women's bike shorts review

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They don’t bunch during workouts.

When I wore these yoga shorts to my ballet class, they didn’t ride up while doing stretches, barre exercises, or extensive movements across the floor. That’s likely because the shorts feature a gusseted crotch, a triangular or diamond-shaped piece of fabric located between the legs.

“If you’re going to wear tight-fitting bottoms during a workout, a gusset is necessary to prevent them from riding up,” Sachs says. “Leggings or tight shorts that aren’t for working out may have a straight seam where the fabric meets, but if there’s a lot of movement, then there’s a good chance you’ll have uncomfortable wedgies wearing them!”

They have pockets!

Anything with pockets instantly becomes a closet fave of mine, but what’s extra cool about these is that they kept my iPhone 8 Plus (one of the biggest boys on the block) nice and secure. When I took a light jog around the park, I almost forgot my phone was in my pocket because it didn’t budge.

Amazon reviewers say other ginormous phones like Galaxy and LG slide in perfectly as well. And get this: The shorts even feature a hidden pocket at the top. “It will easily fit keys, chapstick, and a roll of doggy-waste bags,” says one user.

Baleaf High Waist Yoga Workout Shorts Review

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They’re just really freaking cute.

When I find workout wear I get excited about, it motivates me to work out—and these shorts do that. Plus, they’re trendy and fun to wear even if you’re not exercising. Their simple design looks high-quality and goes with any sports top or sneakers.

Shanon Maglente

Shanon worked as the former Products & Reviews editor for the Good Housekeeping Institute covering the best deals and products across home, appliances, health, beauty and parenting.