Style Highlights at the Olympics

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Vancouver Olympics: Winding down Day One for me here, but my fellow Canucks (I grew up in this Pacific Northwest city) are completely wound up, with the Canadian hockey team set to face the Yankees once again. The streets downtown are crimson with maple leaf-clad fans. Sunday's fashion forecast—red hockey jersey or bust.

Other style highlights of the day: The Team Canada mittens from the Hudson's Bay Company—Canada's oldest retailer and official Olympic outfitter. There was a block-long, ten-person-deep lineup at the Granville Street shop.

And the Oakley Frogskin frames sported by this Montreal native at the short track speed skating event tonight at the Pacific Coliseum:

I built some bespoke Oakley frames—all grey, meant for athletes only; think I'll pass?—today at the company's athlete safehouse with the help of Ironman champ and Oakley guru Greg Welch. I'm loving them, but am seriously coveting the black Frogskins after seeing hers. And with the ruckus outside my window tonight (so much for beauty sleep), I'll definitely need some extra dark XL shades for my 6am train ride to Whistler to see men's slalom tomorrow.

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