Bazsarozsa Organic Intimates

A big fan of the recent eco-lingerie trend, Amanda Hearst deems Bazsarozsa the best of the bunch.

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I've recently come across a lot of eco lingerie brands, which is a great trend because of course you want the cleanest, softest textiles next to your skin. Thus far, the standout for me is Bazsarozsa, a line of organic intimates made entirely in New York City.

[image id='36bbda4e-7c1a-4432-83dd-86d6fdffda6c' mediaId='31398322-358c-4c82-89c7-11ca0396ee97' loc='C'][/image]

The hard-to-pronounce label offers classic shapes with modern details like double-strap sides and crisscross backs. The soft organic cotton feels great against the skin and looks even better. And word on the street is that they're considering venturing into swimwear!

[image id='f738ec44-8236-4c12-8032-1e0fd05fc6df' mediaId='248d05dd-de70-4225-bef3-6217b2664d28' loc='C'][/image]

[image id='86eeeee7-0a9f-47a2-b024-3e2c3e077ed1' mediaId='288bdd68-0fdc-4859-9f94-31025be52970' loc='C'][/image]

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