Roberta Armani: Dress Code

Group executive vice president of worldwide entertainment and brand relations for the fashion house founded by Giorgio Armani (her uncle) reveals how she always looks chic and camera ready, even on the go

Danilo Scarpati

JOB DESCRIPTION: Travels the world to promote store openings, in addition to accompanying Armani-clad celebrities at film premieres, award ceremonies, and fashion shows.

FREQUENT FLIER: On the road about one week a month.

WARDROBE POV: Discreet. "I try to be present but not ostentatious." As an ambassador for the company, Roberta wears Armani designs all of the time—right down to her underthings. If she didn't, "I feel like it would betray my uncle. I'm a loyal Italian 'wife!'"

STYLE PHILOSOPHY: "Don't let fashion overwhelm you. Mix whatever's good for you."

DAY-TO-DAY UNIFORM: The pantsuit. "During the day, I wear it with flats, and at night with high heels." (Fashion challenge: At 5'11", Roberta has size 12½ feet. Finding shoes that fit is a perennial challenge, so she sometimes has to squeeze into 11s.)

WHAT EVERY WOMAN SHOULD OWN: "A jacket—the Armani jacket fits like a soft cardigan. It's really easy to wear."

FAVORITE ITEM OF CLOTHING: "I have a T-shirt that my uncle designed for his Guggenheim exhibit in New York City in 2000. He signed for me, 'lo zio'—the uncle. I cherish it."

ACCESSORY OF CHOICE: A vintage stainless-steel Rolex. "It's a gift from my best friend. Every day [I wear it] I feel special."

IN HER PURSE: "BlackBerry, iPhone, and iPad; a great book; chewing gum; a health bar in case I get hungry; and hand cream, which is so important. When shaking hands, soft skin says a lot about you."

MORNING ROUTINE: "Before I do anything, I open the window—I breathe in fresh air." Then she turns on music, does a sun salutation or two, and spends at least 20 to 30 minutes on the treadmill. Afterward, "I like to have hot water with lemon or ginger. It's really good for my stomach."

FACE TIME: In the morning, Roberta applies Crema Nera Regenerating Cream by Armani. At night, "it's important to take your makeup off, even when you're exhausted," she says, and she follows that up with another application of the Crema Nera.

HAIR THERAPY: "I'm blessed to have a lot of hair," Roberta says. To keep it thick and lustrous, she uses the at-home oil treatment Fluide de Beauté 14 from Carita for 30 minutes once a week. Then she shampoos and conditions with products from Di Luca because "they're not aggressive; they're more delicate."

BEST TRAVEL ADVICE: "Unpack immediately. It makes you feel more at home. Then read the local papers. You have to try to put yourself in the position of a local. It makes the experience so much better."

Getty Images

1. Opening the window is Roberta's first order of business every morning.

2. With Naomi Watts in New York City, 2013.

3. With Mila Jovovich at Paris Fashion Week, 2013.

4. With Uma Thurman at Paris Fashion Week, 2013.

5. With Jessica Chastain in Cannes at Sean Penn's Haiti benefit gala, 2012.

6. Roberta's must-have shoe: Giorgio Armani pumps from the spring 2014 collection.

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