Hermès Fêtes Women of the Universe in Awe-Inspiring Fashion

A winding catwalk, equestrian-inspired playground, and magnificent dance performances.

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For anyone that's examined the craftsmanship of an Hermès Birkin bag or donned one of their impossibly silky print scarves, it's no secret that the French brand spares no expense when it comes to detail. This holds just as true for their fêtes as was evidenced last night at their All About Women event, a celebration of their Fall 2014 collection complete with a runway show and live entertainment.

The event was held in the heart of the Financial District at "The Corner," a historic building owned by J.P. Morgan & Co (and the site of the Wall Street bombing in 1920). Hermès transformed the classic structure into their mecca with a winding catwalk, equestrian-inspired playground, stages for dance performances (from '60s yé-yéchoreography to out-of-water synchronized swimming), atelier showcases, and a wealth of themed bars. You can relive the magic of the evening with our Instagrams, below:

Lauren Valenti
Lauren Valenti

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