Why Do These Jeans Cost $555?

Jeff Harris
RANCHO DELUXE It used to take years of hard labor to wear in a pair of jeans; now Diesel's team of international designers does the dirty work for you. Why does this limited-edition pair cost $555? We reduced it to its jean-etic material to find out.

DIPPING POINT The originally white cotton/Lycra fabric is dyed indigo, then air-dried to seal in color.

STONED AGAIN For four hours the jeans are washed with pumice stones.

INSIDE JOB Rust-colored ferric oxide lends a patina of bygone luxury to the inside lining.

MAKE THE BRAID Hand-braided leather detail.

SIGN HERE The machine-stitched cursive label has signed-by-the-artist appeal.

HEY, STUD An antique-treated leather buckle is speckled with bronze bits and Swarovski crystals.

ADORN ME Small bronze grommets and crystals are placed by hand.

MOM-APPROVED Button has an image of the sewing machine the Diesel founder's mother used.

ZIP CODED Each all-metal (no nickel) zipper tooth is polished by hand.

CREASED LIGHTNING "Whiskers" are manually scratched in with sandpaper.

To purchase, contact Diesel Denim Gallery, NYC (212-966-5593).

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