Why Does This Parka Cost Only $119?

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Why Does This Parka Only Cost $119?
(Image credit: Jeff Harris)


Something to be thankful for this season: United Colors of Benetton's new puffer. With cool detailing and both natural down and high-tech insulation, it's like wearing your comforter - but just a tad chicer.

Why Is This Parka So Cheap?

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Why Does This Parka Only Cost $119?

(Image credit: Jeff Harris)

ANTIFREEZE: 100 percent waterproof polyester may not sound glamorous, but it keeps you dry.

ZIP TEASE: Nylon zippers are painted to match the color of the jacket - a modern monochromatic look.

FLEECE-Y DOES IT: The fleece lining in the pockets keeps hands extra warm.

SNAP TIME: Brass snaps with antique finishing mean a luxe look for less.

SEW LOW: The smooth outer surface is machine-stitched with cotton thread; an unquilted finish keeps the cost down.

INSIDE JOB: The lining's metallic polyester-and-nylon blend insulates and stays on trend.

CINCH ME: A belt made of elastic and ruched polyester accentuates the waist.

GOOD FOR THE GOOSE: Real goose-down feathers will warm you but never weigh you down.


In six other chic colors: black, purple, chestnut, light gray, military green, and camel (800-535-4491 for stores).