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As the old proverb goes, if you need to find something amazing, just ask an editor. The Marie Claire team is used to seeing the newest and the best and are more or less professionally trained on what makes something stand out from the pack, style-wise. As such, we polled the office to find out which types of shoes always reel in the compliments.

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Statement Sneakers
Steve Madden

There's a reason multiple people on the team said their out-there sneakers always get people talking. Comfortable to wear, this animal print mix definitely doesn't belong at the gym.

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Unexpected Materials
INC International Concepts

The more classic dressers in our office don't shy away from shapes they know they love, but do test out a unique material or finish if they want to stand out from the crowd.

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Perfect Low Platforms
Marc Fisher

A just-right height—not impractically sky-high, but something to give you a lift—seems to be what lots of us want when shopping for a summer shoe (if commentary from strangers is to be believed).

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Bright Heels
Calvin Klein

Marie Claire's fashion team likes to play with bold color choices when it comes to their shoes. The gumption pays off, with two different editors saying unexpected hues always brings in compliments.

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Unique Dad Sneakers
Tommy Hilfiger

You've seen a hundred pairs of "dad sneakers" by now, right? Us too. That's why we've found sartorial success with a pair that's just a little different than the more standard all-white chunky look, but still works with a dress.

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Designer Espadrilles
Michael Kors

Espadrilles are humble by nature, but soft leather and a designer brand can be worth spending a little more if you're after something that feels polished. Trust us—those little touches are things other women notice.

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Summer Booties

Finding an ankle bootie that's not meant for autumn can be tricky—unless you're an editor. The amount of compliments we get when wearing ours in the warm months proves that it's a shape a lot of women want in their closet. 

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