Knits and I Get Cozy

My New Year's resolution is always the same — not to have one. I don't like to buy into the craze. But as it gets colder, and chunky knits are in (like in our fashion story, A Stitch in Time. This year I've decided mine will be to dress warmer. I tend to hibernate during these months due to low temperatures and a lack of appropriate clothing for sub-zero temperatures. I'm sure you can see right through my plan, right? This will obviously be a way to justify shopping. (Extra points for multi-tasking).

If you're feeling ambitious, designer of the fashion line Twinkle Wenlan Chia has a new book hitting stores February 5, 2008 called "Twinkle's Weekend Knits," with 20 stylish designs to keep warm during weekend getaways. It's a look book and manual in one, so just choose a piece and learn how to make it yourself. I dig the "Wisteria" scarf. Rather save the knitting for next year's resolution?

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