Dakota Johnson Steps Out in a Grandma Coat, Looks Chic

BRB, reassessing all my hand-me-downs.

As a vintage enthusiast, I've inherited my fair share of hand-me-downs from family, namely from my Grandma, an eternal clothes horse. One of my favorites is a '40s coat that bares a striking resemblance to a style that Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson stepped out in yesterday while walking around the West Village. They're both black with a silky, wavy texture and fur trim at the collar—was hers preloved by her grandmother, Hitcock heroine Tippi Hedren?

Until now, I've been at a loss at how to style mine for everyday—it's a piece that feels a bit fancy for grabbing coffee at Starbucks or running errands at the corner store.

However, Johnson makes the retro cornerstone piece blend with today's street style seamlessly, looking to downtown style staples—a sweater, ankle boots, fringe bag, round-framed sunglasses, and skinny jeans—to fast-forward the look a few decades.

Her effortlessly chic look not only prompts me to further explore my grandma's decades-old, secondhand wardrobe, but is also a reminder that incorporating an old-fashioned, vintage piece can be as easy as throwing it on with what you'd be wearing anyway.

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Lauren is the former beauty editor at Marie Claire. She love to while away the hours at coffee shops, hunt for vintage clothes, and bask in the rough-and-tumble beauty of NYC. She firmly believes that solitude can be a luxury if you’ve got the right soundtrack—that being the Rolling Stones, of course.