You Can Now Buy Jeans Made from Recycled Coffee Grounds

And Hilary Duff and Vanessa Hudgens are apparently both fans.

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Coffee addicts, you can now take things one step further: by wearing your coffee. American Eagle has announced that their new denim line will feature recycled coffee grounds.

The new AEO Flex Café Denim will features 2.25 grams of recycled coffee grounds per pair of jeans, and will hit stores come October 15. The coffee treatment is said to combat smell, and will let wearers get a couple more days out of them before having to wash them, according to Racked. (But don't worry—the jeans won't leave you smelling like coffee.) (Even though we're kind of sad about that.) 

Both Hilary Duff and Vanessa Hudgens posted to Instagram wearing their own pair of coffee denim, and we gotta say, the jeans look *pretty* good—but mostly because we're all about any excuse for more coffee in our lives.

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