Kendall and Her Dance Troop Completely Disregard Subway Etiquette in the Full Balmain for H&M Ad

Moving between cars = v. nervous-making.

Kendall and Her Dance Troop in Subway for H&M Ad
(Image credit: YouTube)

Flouting every rule in the subway-riding book, Kendall Jenner and her squad move between cars, hog the pole, and, most egregiously of all, take up far too much room with their swingy high ponies and strong-shouldered mini-dresses in the just-released full-length Balmain x H&M commercial.

While Olivier "Big Brother" Rousteing game-masters the whole thing, the Kendalls (sans their namesake, except for, like, the three times she twitches her arms) defeat rival dance troops with their voguing. Good thing it's set in 2045 or whatever, because here is how it would go down if they tried to pull that sh*t today:

MTA employee: "Ma'am, what are you even doing?"

Kendall: "..."

MTA employee: "..."

Kendall: "..."

MTA employee: "..."

Kendall: "#BalmainNation?"

MTA employee: "YOU LITERALLY DID THREE MOVES. *$100 fine*"

Watch the ad below.

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