Another Reason to Look Forward to Adele's Tour: Her All-Burberry Wardrobe

She's going to look goooood.

If you thought Adele's Workout Face of Despair was the best thing to come out of her 2016 world tour, you would be right. But her all-Burberry wardrobe—starting with the hand-embroidered sequin gown she wore in Belfast earlier this evening—comes in a close second.

"It is a huge privilege to work with Adele," said Christopher Bailey, the brand's head honcho. "She is an incredible artist who I admire enormously for her approach to life, her sense of fun, her innate style, and her massively powerful and moving voice and performance."

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Another time she wore Burberry and looked bomb.

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With more than 100 stops to go, expect night after night of fashion (and musical) greatness, from Glasgow to Mexico City.

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