Live from Sundance: Tuesday, 1/20

Sundance Discoveries: A few of the surprisingly pleasant little finds of Sundance 09

-actress Carey Mulligan

-Screw the booklet, the best movie summaries and reviews happen on a crammed bus or bus stop.

-Most cabbies refer fondly to Bob, aka Redford.

-Albertson's, the giant grocery store next to the Yarrow hotel and theater, might be the best shop in town

-The theme of space popping up in very different movies.

-How short your favorite celebrity is in real life. Unless it's John Kransinski, then he's just freakishly huge.

-Thanks to some amazing new tax breaks, Philly is the hot new movie setting.

-Just how friendly and helpful the shuttle monitors are.

-A great Q&A can make a great movie that much better.

-Sunglasses are just as necessary as the scarf.

-The Hungry Miner, or the veggie version Miner's Dawn, is the best heart attack on a plate you can buy at the legendary breakfast spot, The Eating Establishment. Mmm... breakfast potatoes...

-How awesome it is to have a working ski lift right off of Main.

-That just because it's free, doesn't mean you want any of the random crap at gifting suites any more than you would if you had to pay for it.

-How a massage at a gifting suite is comparatively even better for being free.

-Icicles are pretty bad ass.

-How completely pedestrian the by-now obligatory masturbation scene is in a Sundance indie.

-Lou Pucci's skin.

- How many stars are visible at night.

-That sometimes it would be cool to be able to freak out over seeing a big celebrity the way a pack of 13 year olds can in front of a High School Musical star.

-How much an altitude sickness headache sucks.

-The beauty of outdoor heaters.

-How quickly the week full of movies, and the people who love them, flies by.

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