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5 Clues About Meghan Markle's Maybe-Eventually Royal Style from Her First Public Event with Prince Harry

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Over the weekend, actress and humanitarian activist Meghan Markle attended a polo event with her boyfriend (who happens to be a prince). And they touched each other! Outside! But as the world zoomed in to see if there was actual mouth-to-mouth contact, or just mouth-to-cheek, they were missing the most important point of all: what we can deduce about the maybe-future (PLEASE) Duchess' style from this auspicious start. Here, five extrapolations.

1. She'll Support British Designers

Her doubled-breasted dress with an asymmetrical hem comes from Antonio Berardi's Resort 2017, which is a yay in that she's wearing a cool, red-carpet-regular designer who went to Central Saint Martins (support local talent, woo). In keeping with that theme, our wish list: Christopher Kane, Marques Almeida, Molly Goddard, and Alex Mullins.

2. She Might Not Be So Caught Up in the Great "Who Can Wear It First" Race

Even now, fashion houses have to be clamoring to dress her, logic tells us. But this dress isn't so current-season it's *next* season (post-season?), which means it's actually kind of old in celebrity terms, which is, in turn, quite refreshing. Plot twist: What if she *bought* it? 😱 The hot pink version is available on Net-a-Porter, if you've got $2,695 of rent and bills not to pay.

3. She'll Be Doing the High-Low Thing

Bit hard to tell exactly which one it is with the long lens pics, but we do know the blazer is Aritzia. (Our bet's on the Keith, on back-order at the moment.) Meanwhile, the shoes are Aquazurra, which is less attainable, but we must get (more of) our princess-iness somewhere.

4. She'll Have Fun with Accessories (Thank Goodness)

Three words: polka-dot clutch.

5. She Won't Change for The Firm

If you were expecting a Mia Thermopolis-style makeover montage in which the Queen goes, "your nail beds suck," yeah, same. But as of this first public appearance, it doesn't appear they've gotten their clutches on her yet. (And they most likely won't until the deal is sealed.) But who amongst us wouldn't try to Make an Effort if we were dating the fifth in line to the throne? Not Meghan Markle, who's dressing exactly the same as she always has. Stay strong, kid.

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