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Big Girl in a Skinny World: Faith 21

Hello, ladies,

If you keep up with my blog, I'm sure you're aware of my love for Forever 21's Faith 21 line. I find that every time I set foot in the store, I can't help but find something I absolutely must have — thank goodness the price point makes this kind of lust a little less destructive! After having wandered the racks at Forever 21 for years, searching for anything that looked like it had a little give in the fabric, I'm so happy to have a plus-size section to shop in. The best thing about the line (other than the price) is its quick turnaround. It seems that almost weekly there are new styles available. While the racks of the Faith 21 line are heavily outnumbered by the rest of the store, I'm hoping our plus-size purchasing power will lead to more and more great options for us curvy girls to choose from!

Over the weekend, I picked up their Beaded Terry Cloth Top. My friend who is a size 4 (and could wear almost anything in the store) was shopping with me and fell in love with this top as well, only to find that it wasn't made in smaller sizes. It was like the reverse of the situation I've become so familiar with — adoring a piece and being unable to find my size. Determined to own this top, my friend picked up an XL and remarked "Oh well, I guess I can wear it oversized!" (Good for her!) The Zebra Print Burnout Tee is another top that is perfect for spring/summer. Its bright yellow hue will definitely liven up any outfit. Another item I can't wait to get my hands on is the Draped One Shoulder Dress. This asymmetrical, ruched number is fit for a goddess and extremely flattering, perfect for a night on the town. It's also so basic that it can be reinvented in multiple ways, for multiple occasions, depending on the styling.

So tell me: What do you ladies think of Faith 21? Have you purchased anything? Do you love it or is it not working for you? Have any favorite pieces from the line? I would love to hear!



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