Our Front Row College Challenge Winner Announced!

Earlier this year, Marie Claire teamed up with LOFT and Rimmel London to put on our first ever Front Row College Challenge at universities across the country. After poring over hundreds of entries our editors selected four finalists who worked with the MC team, LOFT and Rimmel to put on a fashion show at their schools.

I had the pleasure of attending all four—at Penn State, the University of Delaware, the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, and the University of Texas in Austin. And they were all incredibly impressive, showing off the style and spirit of each school. But one winner had to be selected and our panel is so happy to announce that Diya Liu from the University of Texas is this year's winner! We loved her styling, music choices, venue and her sense of collaboration. Diya will now have the great opportunity to intern at MC, LOFT and Rimmel.

We can't wait to see what Diya (and all of the fantastic finalists) do next! They are definitely ones to watch.

Check out looks from all of the shows here!

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