Marie Claire's Fashion Week Essentials

Today is the first day of New York Fashion Week - the start of a slew of shows, twice as many parties and half as much sleep as usual.

Eventhough almost every minute of this week is scheduled, nothing ever goes as planned. So, throughout the years I've found a few things that I can rely on for sure to get me through.

1. A Big Lug

An enormous (yet fashionable) bag will hold everything you need - from a pair of flats to slip on between shows to an arsenal of beauty products.

2. A Point-and-Shoot Camera

This comes in handy more often that one would think. I get the photos for fashion week from the professional photographers that attend the shows but, a point-and-shoot will let you capture things that those folks may not catch. Like a pic of you standing in the bathroom line behind Donatella or the latest hot celeb blowing kisses to another across the runway.

3. Fabulous Hair

Last but certainly not least - the best accessory is by far is a great 'do. This year I've solicited the help from Vo5's Extreme Style line (a fitting name for fashion week don't you think?) Vo5 Curvaceous Curls keeps my long waves intact all day. This styling mousse keeps me frizz-free with it's 24-hour humidity resistant promise - so whether it's the runway that is heating up, or if it's just me sprinting from show to show, I know I'll arrive in style.

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